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    We tend to be more vertical and deep, rather than broad and wide, in our search for candidates. If these buzzwords largely applies to you, you will find us relevant.

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    Here are our entry level value to our clients. How can we help you?

    talent search

    high touch

    Bespoke search. Specific requirements.

    career placement office

    connector to industry

    You need a connector, for your graduates, to the fresh grad job opportunities. Or for newly certified professionals looking for a next career.

    outsourced recruitment

    high value

    You need a channel partner who can complement your HR team with a narrow Recruitment function.



    You need a list of usual suspects. Competent, qualified, and quarantined resources.

  • FAQ

    Who is Daulfin Grey?

    A boutique executive search, registered in Singapore. We are a MOM-registered Employment Agency. We have been in business since 2006.

    Where are our successes?

    Not by design, but by market demands, our successes tend to be in the IT roles and the Banking and Financial Services Industry.

    Why use us?

    If speed is what you want, there are agencies with a quicker turnaround time. We tend to be more high touch. More careful. More involved on our part, less involved on your part. More due diligence we push through, less concern you will have. More time to quarantine during the search, less uneasiness about breakage during the hire.

    We are thorough. We take time to be thorough.

    What is our best value?

    We specialise in resource search. We complement your HR team in identifying qualified and available candidates. The #covid19 ravaged marketplace is usually too short handed to search for specialised resources. This is where Daulfin Grey's market presence and experience and traction offers its value.